New Year Retreat 29th – 1st

A prompt about the New Year Retreat this year. From the 29th until the 1st the priory will be running the regular New Year Retreat which includes the Ceremony on New Years eve. If you would like to come to all or some of it please let me know. I appreciate it is more difficult for some of you to partake in a residential type retreat which includes staying over, but for those of you wishing to do that then it is still possible.The New Years eve ceremony consists of the usual fanning of the Scripture of Great Wisdom, the chanting of the Sambo Kojin and the drinking of juice. If you wish to bring in the New Year and reflect upon the past year amongst the sangha then this is an excellent opportunity. If you are new to this practice and wish to come but don’t quite know what it is about then don’t hestiate to contact me.