Parinirvana woodcut research help

I am currently trying to research this woodcut of the Buddha’s Parinirvana which we have at the Priory. It was found in an envelope dated 1996. It doesn’t look like it has been out of the envelope much in the last 23 years and has subsequently received some acid damage from the envelope. If you were around then do you remember seeing it and can you remember anything about it. It is about 3’9” long by 2′. I am currently getting help with the translation so am piecing it together. Any help would be appreciated. If you read or speak Japanese can you decipher it. So far I have Tofuku-ji temple the numbers 8 and 4 as well as Parinirvana and a character that says figure or portrait. Also we have Edo period year 15 (1758?) as well as the name of the artist (to be confirmed) and his age. It seems to have been donated around the early 20Century. There is also possibly an emperors name in the vertical writing. If you can help with this in any way I would appreciate it.