Priory work days

Occasionally we have work days her at the Priory. I have scheduled two of these for the next couple of months or so. The first is Saturday April 27th followed by Saturday 8th June. They will both run from 9.30 to 5.00. Please feel free to do as much as you wish between those times.There is ongoing gardening as usual as well as the preperation and glossing of the woodwork throughout the temple. This hasn’t been done for a while and a freshen up is needed. These days are a fine oppurtunity to work alonside other sangha members and practice meditation in activity. If you are interested then please let me know so that I can make sure there is work for everyone. If you don’t feel up to the work offered (for any reason) then of course there are meals to prepare which may suit. I look forward to seeing you as usual and am grateful for all the help there is.