Monastic ordination for ex Reading member

On May 4th Tara Bailey, who some of you will have known as a congregation member of Reading Priory, was ordained by Rev. Master Daishin. She received the name Houn Kojo which means Bright Rising. Let us offer her our congratulations and very best wishes for her future training as she becomes a novice monk.

She was ordained alongside Shooie Lucas who was named Houn Kanshin, which means Patient Dragon. Let us offer similar best wishes also as he embarks on this important stage of training.

New addition to garden

New pergola

Many thanks to Paul for building a new pergola for the garden’s wisteria. The wisteria was planted 20 years ago and needed a new support and also retraining. There are a couple small additions to still be added. With this and some expert pruning I hope the wisteria has many more years of life to come.

Raised bed

The Priory garden is constantly being reviewed and this weekend I will be looking to purchase a raised bed to go towards the back of the garden so I can grow some veg and salad crops.

Major project idea

Over the next couple of years we are looking into a change to the front garden by building a parking bay for two to three cars possibly four and redesigning the planting area up by the building. If between us we can do much of the labour ourselves hopefully the cost can be cut considerably. If any body has good knoweledge in this area I would appreciate advice in the matter.

School visit

I was delighted to give the Assembly at Birch Copse Primary for 400 children on Friday 12th May. Talked about Buddhism, Wesak, and being a monk and Prior. We sat for 2 mins in meditation and then I answered questions. My visit was arranged to coincide with the schools interest in Wesak as you can see from the board behind me. I took along a statue of Buddha, a Kanzeon, as well as a gong for the meditation. The questions were well thought out and interesting. I thank the children and the teachers for making me welcome and I hope to visit there again in the future.

July events

July is going to be a bit different in some ways. The Introductory evening is on the 4th. The two day retreats are on the 6th and 29th.

The meditation hall will be redecorated during the week of 10th-16th. The downstairs back room will be a temporary meditation hall and the usual group meetings will take place. If you would like to lend a hand during the week email me or phone. The week will be mainly painting. More details nearer the time. If you would like to help in some other way let me know. Maybe someone coming in to cook lunch would be helpful.

The other new event is what I have called the Prior’s retreat. I will be on retreat for 3 days, 21st – 23rd, but in effect for yourselves these are ‘drop in’ retreats, so if you would like to come along during the day, or stop over and do a bit more, which might be the whole retreat, that would be fine. I will post a schedule and more details so that you know when the sitting periods are, or if would like to come and do some working meditation etc. I hope these are beneficial in as much as you can come when it is suitable for yourself. The normal group meetings will take place. If you have any queries over this just get in touch and we can discuss it. I hope these can be a regular event on the calender.

Wesak Festival report

Wesak day and Festival was a wonderful occassion all around. Here is a photo of the children and myself after the Festival. The day started out with a live interview over the phone on BBC Radio Berkshire to talk about the meaning and significance of Wesak to the Buddhist world, which I was delighted to do.The Festival was attended by 14 sangha members and was a joyous occassion. After the Dharma talk those who stayed enjoyed an appetising array of food which was brought along, including one of Wasim’s splendid dhals. The weather was very warm as we sat in the garden and chatted. We ended the day with clearing up the dishes and dismantling the pavillion and bunting etc. Thank you to everyone for your support and again showing the meaning of sangha.

Wesak Sunday May 7th

The Priory will be holding the annual Festival of the Buddha’s the Buddha’s Birth on May 7th. This important and significant Festival is held throughout the Buddhist world around this time of year. If you would like to come along and especially if you are bringing youngsters it would be helpful to book in advance. Just phone or email. If not just come along. There will be a dharma talk given after the Festival. There will be a bring and share lunch and if you would like to stay on into the afternoon please do.

Retreat shrine

With warmer weather on the way I would like to take this chance to put out a reminder about the Retreat shrine we have at the Priory. A much underused resource it is available to those who have previously attended the Priory. Tucked away at the bottom of the garden, the shrine is a comfortable and spacious place to meditate, relax, sleep and drop those daily concerns. The Priory itself is still available of course during the day and night for kitchen and toilet facilities for example.I am available as well for spiritual counselling. It doesn’t have to be a long stay so don’t be put off. If you are interested email or phone me and we can try and arrange something.

June events

On Sunday 4th we will be holding the Festival of Achalanatha.

The Introductory evening will be on Tuesday 6th. There will be a Day Retreat on Tuesday the 20th.

Between the 8th and the 11th we will be holding the annual Stroud Retreat. Details and booking form are posted seperately on this website. There will be a General Election of course on the 8th. Let me me know if this causes you a complication.

On the 28th as part of the regular Wednesday evening group meeting there will be a talk ‘Introducing the Buddhist Precepts’, for those who are new to this practice. All are welcome.


May events

On the 7th May we will be holding the Wesak Festival which celebrates the Buddha’s birth. All are most welcome and especially adults with children. Rev. Gareth will give a talk after the Festival. Please feel free to stay on into the afternoon and socialise. Lunch will be a bring and share.

There will be two day retreats during May, falling on the 9th and 27th.

On the 19th as part of a new initiative there will be a talk on ‘Meditation in Daily Life’ as part of the regular Friday Group evening. This is aimed at those new to the practice, with the added bonus of experienced practitioners being able to add their understanding.