Holly & Jeremy’s wedding

I was very pleased and happy to be the celebrant for the wedding of Holly Baker & Jeremy Petherbridge, who are both regular congregation members. It was an intimate and relaxed occassion in which the couple were able to show and share their commitment to living together in a way that will express outwardly a bond which have has love, compassion and wisdom at it’s core.The wedding was attended by Holly’s two daughters Imogen (left) and Freya (right) and friends Tony and Atia. Many thanks to Barney for precenting. In the top picture the couple are holding the wedding candle, which they light together, and take away with them.

Congratulations to them and wish them both a happy and contented life together.

Irene’s farewell evening

On the evening of Friday November 3rd the priory will be hosting a farewell evening so that the sangha can say goodbye to Irene Mueller – Harvey. Irene is someone many of you will know. A Lay Minister of the Order who has supported the priory and the priors here for twenty years.

If you would like to come along please let me know by email or phone, it would be helpful to know numbers. The evening will consist of a regular group evening with meditation and evening service. During the sitting you are invited to share a piece of teaching or scripture etc. that means something to you and to read it out. This is only if you wish of course. Afterwards we will say goodbye with refreshments. I hope you can make it.

Alton retreat, places left.

Just to remind you all about the Alton retreat October 27th – 29th. There are a few places left and we can also guarantee you a single room, so no need to share. Alison will be letting the Brothers know numbers after the 16th.

Late summer sangha social

Wasim and Jafrina hosted this sangha social at their house in Bracknell. A wonderful meal and good company made it an excellent way to see out the summer. These socials are an excellent way to come together as a sangha outside of the Priory. Thank you to everyone for making it a success.Off to Shasta Abbey via Portland Priory tomorrow. See you all when I get back on Oct 3rd.

New afternoon group meetings

From November 3rd I would like to introduce a new feature to the calender. This being afternoon group meetings on Fridays to run alongside the already existing evening meeting. I hope this will help those of you who find it difficult to attend in the evenings, especially during the dark winter months. They will run from 2pm to 4pm.

Sangha social

This year’s late summer sangha social will be hosted by Wasim and Jafrina at their home in Bracknell. It will be a curry lunch and all those associated with the priory are welcome to attend. It is on September 10th and will begin after the group morning session at the Priory. They would appreciate a couple of days notice of attendance. Please let Wasim know by phoning 07956138292 or emailing Wasim.haque@gmail.com

I would like to thank them both for this kind and generous offer. I hope you can attend. Sangha socials are a wonderful way for people to get together outside of the Priory.


Email and facebook alerts

I am looking into improving the way members of the mailing list are notified of events and uodates on the website. Rather than doubling up information in emails and on the website I hope to introduce alerts which then point you to the information on the website. This will hopefully be by way of a link. A Priory member is currently researching this for me. I have been having difficulty putting out the usual monthly calender emails so hope this improves and streamlines ways of getting you the information you are looking for. I hope to use facebook in a similar way. If you wish to use this facility the user name for facebook is Reading Prior. I will then post on there when there is something new on the website. I hope this helps us to stay in touch with each other. If you are experienced in this field I am, as ever, interested in feedback.