Priory work days

Occasionally we have work days her at the Priory. I have scheduled two of these for the next couple of months or so. The first is Saturday April 27th followed by Saturday 8th June. They will both run from 9.30 to 5.00. Please feel free to do as much as you wish between those times.There is ongoing gardening as usual as well as the preperation and glossing of the woodwork throughout the temple. This hasn’t been done for a while and a freshen up is needed. These days are a fine oppurtunity to work alonside other sangha members and practice meditation in activity. If you are interested then please let me know so that I can make sure there is work for everyone. If you don’t feel up to the work offered (for any reason) then of course there are meals to prepare which may suit. I look forward to seeing you as usual and am grateful for all the help there is.

Redecorating front room

We have just redecorated the front room at the Priory. Thanks Jafer for all your help. I have replaced the ice blue with warmer tones. Most of the walls are now in Dusted Rose with the window wall in bleached Sand. I think it has made a vast difference and hope you agree when you come to visit. As the year progresses we will be re glosssing all the woodwork which is quite damaged with chips and scrapes for example.I think giving the place a freshen up is long overdue. Any help you can manage will be greatly appreciated.

Retreat Hut

The weather is warming up and the garden is coming into blossom and flower. So this seems a good time to remind you of the retreat hut we have here at the Priory. Available for short and long retreats. As you can see it is quite sizeable and has electricity.  I can tailor the retreat to your needs and where you are in your practice in consultation with you. It is only available for single person use. Contact Rev. Gareth to discuss it over.

Parinirvana woodcut research help

I am currently trying to research this woodcut of the Buddha’s Parinirvana which we have at the Priory. It was found in an envelope dated 1996. It doesn’t look like it has been out of the envelope much in the last 23 years and has subsequently received some acid damage from the envelope. If you were around then do you remember seeing it and can you remember anything about it. It is about 3’9” long by 2′. I am currently getting help with the translation so am piecing it together. Any help would be appreciated. If you read or speak Japanese can you decipher it. So far I have Tofuku-ji temple the numbers 8 and 4 as well as Parinirvana and a character that says figure or portrait. Also we have Edo period year 15 (1758?) as well as the name of the artist (to be confirmed) and his age. It seems to have been donated around the early 20Century. There is also possibly an emperors name in the vertical writing. If you can help with this in any way I would appreciate it.

News Roundup

Here is a round up of some the events that have been happening recently.On the first weekend of the New Year BBC Berkshire asked me to appear on two of their programmes. On the Saturday I took part in a morning programe where a reporter travelled around chosen venues which are linked with clues. I was happy to take part in this although it was a bit more hi – energy than my daily routine normally demands of me.

On the Sunday I was interviewed on their Faith programme about New Year Resolutuions. Although not a conversation or debate I was followed as part of the same section by a Humanist. I would like to thank BBC Berkshire for their continued interest in the Priory, as I have appeared quite regularly over the past two years.

The New Year Retreat went very well, with 4 people staying over for the retreat + one other for one night. This meant there was a good turnout for the New Year Ceremony with others coming for the evening. As well as those dropping in for a day it made for a very good way to make the transition from one year to the next.I have recently become the group monk for both Milton Keynes and London Groups. I hope and intend to visit them regularly from now on and part of the this wish is to make the Priory a sort of hub for the South again as it once was. I look forward very much to linking up with these two groups and supporting them in their practice the best way I can.

Look out for more weekend drop in retreats this year as they are proving popular. I am currently looking into finding ways of increasing the provision of staying over here a more viable option.

Friday afternoons are proving to be one of the most popular group events we do here. When possible I am putting on 1/2 Day Retreats on these days approximately once a month. They will be from 1.30 to 5.00. Look out for these on the calender.

Best wishes to you all as 2019 truly gets under way. The Priory doors are always open to those who truly seek to practice and explore the Way.


Seasons greetings

Seasons greetings to you all. Thank you for your support over the past year and for visiting the website. With best wishes for the season and for your continuing practice which brings untold benefits to all beings. I hope you and yours have an enjoyable Festive period.