Study group update

The new study group will be reading and discussing the Platform Sutra by Hui-neng with the Diamond Sutra as complimentary reading. I will be using the Price/Wong translation. Other translations would probably be ok if that is what you have but usually better if we are using the same text.

I am looking into ways for those who live further afield and won’t be able to attend but would like to take to take part. This could be by emailing in discussion points or Skype maybe. I think that of all the things we do here this would be the most appropriate use of distance participation.

There are some online sites where you can download commentaries and the scripture itself. One is

This is the robe and bowl sculpture, which sits in the courtyard at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, and represents the part of Hui-neng’s story when somebody tried to steal them by lifting from a rock but was unsuccessful as they wouldn’t budge. He then proclaimed that he had come for the dharma not for the robe.

30th Anniversary

On January 5th I will be holding a ceremony to mark the opening of Reading Buddhist Priory at it’s first premises on Elgar Rd. It won’t be a big affair, that will be in June next year. The usual sitting periods will be followed by a celebration of Rev. Master Jiyu’s birthday which falls close by on the 1st. I appreciate it is close to New Year and Christmas and also going back to work. If you can come along and say hello and maybe stay for lunch you are most welcome. Please let me know in advance.


Study Group

I would like to let you know that from February next year a study group will be beginning here at the Priory. This will be the study of a text, Scripture or other relevant teaching. The hope is to go into the writing in some depth so that it can aid one’s practice. The approach will be practice/faith based rather than intellectual. If you are interested please let me know. I have initially placed it on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 – 9.30. If those interested find that on the whole another time suits then we can discuss this and see where it might fit in the calender. The first text has yet to be decided I will let you know what it will be in good time. Any ideas welcomed.

Newcomers change

If you are reading this as a newcomer to us, then I would like to point out that from next year starting in February the Introductory sessions will be held on Saturday mornings from 9.30 to 12.00.

For the diary

Here are next years dates for the two Alton Abbey retreats I will be running. There is one in the summer running from 16th to 19th July. The Autumn one is planned for 22nd to 25th October. We have just returned from this Autumns retreat which was attended by 8 trainees including myself. Due to travel arrangements I experimented with a stipped back version in terms of altar and accessories. This worked very well and showed how little one needed to still have a good retreat.

As a reminder the Brownshill monastery retreat runs from April 2nd to the 5th next year. This is the one we share with Telford Priory and Rev. Master Saido.

30th Anniversary celebrations

One for the diary. On January 5th which is a Sunday the Priory will be celebrating 30 years. On January 6th 1990  the Priory opened as a temple with Rev. Master Saido as the first Prior. This was at Elgar Rd with the move to the present building about 6 months later. Full details will be announced in good time.


News, updates and the newsletter

I thought this would be a good point to mention that the monthly newsletter has replaced the need to post as much news on the website. Also I have opened up a youtube channel so that I can post talks on the website via a link rather than the written form we have using. There is currently nothing on the channel but I will be trying to post quite regularly starting  in October. I hope these changes are useful and an improvement. Further details when I get back from Throssel.