Visit by Head of the Order

Rev. Master Haryo, Head of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives will be visiting Reading Buddhist Priory during the last week of August. On Wednesday 29th we will be holding an evening where you can come an meet him, whether it is as an old friend or for the first time. It will start at 5.30 with a bring and share meal at 6.00. The main event will be between 7.00 and 9.00 where Rev Master Haryo will give a dharma talk or something similar, (details to be discussed). He is also available during Tuesday and Wednesday for individual meetings. Just let him know directly or through myself to organise a time. I hope as many of you as possible can make it at some point during his visit. Also attending will be Rev. Kanshin who is assisting him on his travels.

Monastic visitors

I was recently visited by Rev. Olwen and Rev Leoma. Rev. Olwen who currently resides at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and Rev. Leoma is prior of The Norwich temple. They came mainly to discuss charity affairs but also to take the chance revisit the priory which has played a large part in their lives.On wednesday evening during the regular group evening they had a chance to meet old friends who are still current members of the priory congregation. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting them and hope to do again sometime.

New meditation hall carpet

We have just had the new carpet for the meditation hall fitted. It is the last of the major changes that have been happening over the past year. The overall plan was to keep the room light but add some warmth and an embrace. I hope you agree that the carpet has aided this. We de-squeeked some of the flooring especially around the gong, which means walking meditation should be a bit more quiet in places. It was paid for with a generous donation, which was accepted with gratitude and bows.

Alton Abbey retreat report

Last weekend 5th – 8th July we held a new event in the calender which is the summer Alton Abbey retreat. I wasn’t sure what the uptake would be but there did seem to be interest. In the event we had a full house of a dozen of us. The Abbey had put a ceiling of twelve on it anyway. Like everywhere else it was very hot and dry, therefore we were very grateful for the cooling atmosphere of the chapel we used for meditation. I gave a couple of talks based on chapters from the Vimalakirti sutra. ‘The Buddha Way’ and ‘Entrustment’. The afternoon saw two tea sessions which proved to be very lively and interesting. We thank the Brothers yet again for their hospitality. They are a small community and appreciate the work they put in to accomodate us. I will contact them soon to book again for next summer. We will be back there this Autumn.

Cancellation 22nd July

Unfortunately I am having to cancel the group morning of Sunday 22nd July. We are having a new carpet fitted on the monday which will put the ceremony hall out of action over the weekend. I will be holding a day retreat in Milton Keynes on the 22nd aswell so won’t be at the priory anyway. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Visit by Head of the Order

Rev. Master Haryo who is Head of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives is planning visit the priory towards the end of August. Actual dates and events are yet to be clarified but we will probably be planning something for the last weekend in August. I will post and email when I know more.


I would like to apologise for the lack of news and updates recently. I had a problem with the office computer. This is all rectified and back up and running.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

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Wesak report

This years Wesak celebrations were very well attended and made for a glorious day. 16 adults and 4 youngsters packed out the ceremony hall. It was good to hear a roomful of joyous singing. It was also good to welcome a couple from London and their two offspring who are members of Thich Nhat Hanh’s sangha. Also attending were 3 members from the Milton Keyne’s group, one of whom brought their daughter. Due to the glorious weather we later were able to spread out into the garden and have lunch. Thank you to all who provided a sumptious feast.

Drop in weekend retreat

Over the Easter weekend the priory will be holding a drop in wwekend retreat. Feel free to come for all or any part of the retreat. The usual group events will go ahead. If you would like to attend a meal please if possible bring something to share or let me know that you will need catering for. Please click on link for schedule.

drop in schedule