April events

April will follow the usual form with a couple of additions.

There will two day retreats on the 11th and the 29th. As part of the tuesday retreat I will be doing the Renewal of Precepts Ceremony to coincide with Jukai week at Throssel.

On the 4th there is an ‘Introductory Evening’. In relation to the Introductory sessions I would like to introduce some classes for those new to this practice. On the 21st as part of the Friday evening group meeting there will be an Introduction to the Buddhist Precepts. This is open to all of course but tailored to those with no or very little experience. The Buddhist precepts can be seen as ethical and moral guidelines which help to put our meditation practice into context when it comes to action. Meditation and the Precepts work in concert each flowing into the other. I will also be giving classes on ‘Meditation in daily life’, where the focus is on establishing a daily meditation practice within our day to day lives. Because they are part of a regular group evening there will be experienced meditators present who might like to share their thoughts aswell.