Letting go of letting go

Something I encounter a fair bit when speaking to people who are practicing, is an anxiety over completely letting go. It isn’t that the wish isn’t there but a worry over what is beyond. Where am I going to be when that step is taken? Can I deal with the unknown? Giving up completely means letting go of the very things which we can most cherish, that which identifies us as us. Part of the anxiety is reflected in that we have no control over when it will happen and will we recognise it when it arises?. I suppose the koan can be summarised as ‘How do I completly let go and yet still function?’

Buddhism is about living a good life, doing as little harm as possible in any given moment. It is about being considerate and valuing the earth’s resources. Yes, all of these things and yet it is beyond all of this as well.

Unsurprisingly conversations these days soon come around to Donald Trump, Brexit and the rise of the far right among other issues which can cloud our thoughts. I’m picking up a lot of anger and despair around these topics from fellow sangha members. How can we square this with how we ground and live our lives.

Donald Trump, his allies and others who we may not agree with are not seperate from Buddha Nature. Essentially we are not seperate from them. Their true nature is undivided and therefore fundamentally there is that of us which is also of them. All is one and all is different. Indeed we can’t any longer talk of us and them. We may hold differnt views and there is no problem with this and yet to completely let go is to see beyond good and evil, right and wrong, the holy and the unholy. These views we disagree with must surely be held in meditation as we hold our own opinions and views, which if not seen clearly can also cause harm to self and others. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just sitting in the very heart of what arises who is there to let go. It just goes..Causes and conditions filter our perceptions. Yes, we can still function but from a different place where our relationship those and that around us has moved. Before we judge others to harshly let us try dropping our own habit forming views and do the best we can to awaken to the undivided nature of the universe.

Rev. Gareth