New addition to garden

New pergola

Many thanks to Paul for building a new pergola for the garden’s wisteria. The wisteria was planted 20 years ago and needed a new support and also retraining. There are a couple small additions to still be added. With this and some expert pruning I hope the wisteria has many more years of life to come.

Raised bed

The Priory garden is constantly being reviewed and this weekend I will be looking to purchase a raised bed to go towards the back of the garden so I can grow some veg and salad crops.

Major project idea

Over the next couple of years we are looking into a change to the front garden by building a parking bay for two to three cars possibly four and redesigning the planting area up by the building. If between us we can do much of the labour ourselves hopefully the cost can be cut considerably. If any body has good knoweledge in this area I would appreciate advice in the matter.