Prior’s 3 day (drop in ) retreat schedule

Here is the schedule for this weekends 3 day day drop in retreat I will be holding from Friday 21st to Sunday lunchtime 23rd. Please remember that the Group evening and Grpoupo morning will run as usual. Please join me on retreat if you can for a period that suits you. If you can’t join me in person then maybe you would like to sit with me at home.

6.00 am   Meditation

6.35         Walking meditation

6.45         Meditation

7.20        Dawn Drum/ Short Morning Service ( Sunday during Group morning as usual)

8.00       Breakfast

8.30       Working meditation

10.00      Meditation

10.35      Walking meditation

10.45       Meditation

12.30       Lunch

2.30         Meditation

3.05         Walking meditation

3.15         Meditation

4.00         Exercise / break

6.00         Evening meal

7.30        Meditation x 2 + Vespers (Friday Group evening usual schedule)

There may be changes to this dependent on numbers here. (i.e. dharma discussion etc.)

Ends after Sunday Group morning