Update on redecoration

Here are some pictures of the ongoing work redecorating the meditation hall. Volunteers from the sangha worked hard and we got the painting done in 4 days. We went from brilliant white to sable and pale sable which has given the room a bright, airy yet warm feel. We have decluttered as well, moving chairs out of the side shrines and generally lessening the amount of things in the hall. I am now working on the shrines which hopefully will be done soon. I also hope to be able to put in a new backing to the altar. The frieze above the altar has been stripped back and a cloud shape has been cut out to give the Buddha more breathing space. I am going to add some minimal design to it aswell. When the budget allows the carpet will be replaced, possibly this Autumn. Thank you to all who have helped with this project. I will keep you updated on future additions.