Study group update

The new study group will be reading and discussing the Platform Sutra by Hui-neng with the Diamond Sutra as complimentary reading. I will be using the Price/Wong translation. Other translations would probably be ok if that is what you have but usually better if we are using the same text.

I am looking into ways for those who live further afield and won’t be able to attend but would like to take to take part. This could be by emailing in discussion points or Skype maybe. I think that of all the things we do here this would be the most appropriate use of distance participation.

There are some online sites where you can download commentaries and the scripture itself. One is

This is the robe and bowl sculpture, which sits in the courtyard at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, and represents the part of Hui-neng’s story when somebody tried to steal them by lifting from a rock but was unsuccessful as they wouldn’t budge. He then proclaimed that he had come for the dharma not for the robe.