Reading Buddhist Priory to close

Statement from Trustees

Reverend Gareth has decided, after much thought and reflection, that the time has come for him to retire from the position of Prior. We, the Trustees as well as the Head of the Order, have accepted his decision. Normally, another monk would take up the position as a new Prior. In this instance, that will not be possible, with the regrettable result that the Priory will need to close. We are therefore in the position of winding up the charity and selling the property. Reverend Gareth is still running some events as a way of enabling the smooth transition to what will come next. There will not be any further Introductory sessions. It is hoped and expected that a monastic will continue to run retreats and generally support the lay sangha in the South of England.

We would like to thank everyone who has given the benefit of their practice and supported the Priory and the various Priors over the last thirty four years. If you are generously donating via Standing Order, please be alerted that you will need to cancel it at some point before the Charity is dissolved.

in gassho,

with bows,

The Trustees of Reading Buddhist Priory