Reading Buddhist Priory to close

Statement from Trustees

Reverend Gareth has decided, after much thought and reflection, that the time has come for him to retire from the position of Prior. We, the Trustees as well as the Head of the Order, have accepted his decision. Normally, another monk would take up the position as a new Prior. In this instance, that will not be possible, with the regrettable result that the Priory will need to close. We are therefore in the position of winding up the charity and selling the property. Reverend Gareth is still running some events as a way of enabling the smooth transition to what will come next. There will not be any further Introductory sessions. It is hoped and expected that a monastic will continue to run retreats and generally support the lay sangha in the South of England.

We would like to thank everyone who has given the benefit of their practice and supported the Priory and the various Priors over the last thirty four years. If you are generously donating via Standing Order, please be alerted that you will need to cancel it at some point before the Charity is dissolved.

in gassho,

with bows,

The Trustees of Reading Buddhist Priory

Priory Closed

Apologies for the lack of information over the New Year. Just after Christmas I had to go and help deal with a family illness. Due to the train strikes I couldn’t get back until two days ago. I was planning to close for a personal retreat. I will now commence with this and re-open the priory on Tuesday the 24th January at 7.00am. I look forward to meeting up with you again in a short while.

Peace vigil

This Sunday I will be holding the Kanzeon Festival which will be incorporated with a peace vigil. If you can’t attend I hope that in some way you will bear this in your hearts as we sit Sunday morning and express the natural compassion we all have.


New Year Retreat revised

This year’s New Year Retreat will be a day retreat beginning at 7.15am and ending at 6.30pm. This will include the New Year’s Eve ceremony at 5pm. Please book if you wish to attend the Priory. It is also online via Zoom.


Naming Ceremony

On Saturday 4th September I was delighted to perform the naming ceremony of Danielle & Jafer’s 20 month old daughter Verity. She was given the Buddhist name Myoho which means Wonderful Law. With 8 present and 6 online it was a fine turnout and also
wonderful to have such numbers here, the most, since the first lockdown.

The offertory says;

‘ We offer you Verity Myoho to the Buddhas and Ancestors that they may guard and protect you, until you come to Buddhahood’.


Help with PhD students research?

I have agreed to share this request for help with this research and I am therefore circulating the information below for those who are interested in participating. Unfortunately, as you can see, I wasn’t able to provide a clickable link.

I have personal connection with this person or the University. Please reply directly to the Anran Chen.

Rev. Gareth


PhD student Anran Chen (University of Nottingham) is conducting a study of the relationship between space and mindfulness. The study concerns how specific spatial arrangements could affect the practice of mindfulness meditation. It aims to influence the future design of contemplative and sustainable places and improve people’s mindfulness practice and wellbeing. Anran is looking for participants to take part in an online questionnaire to share your views. The questionnaire may take about 15-20 minutes to complete, participation is completely voluntary, and all answers will be anonymous. For more information and to complete this survey, please follow this link here

Essential Buddhism classes

I will be running some classes called ‘Essential Buddhism’, which are tailored for those new to practice and which to get a handle on some of the terms and principles of practice which may be unfamiliar to them. They will be held once a month beginning in October on the 19th. The rest of the dates are 23rd November and December 21st. The sessions will continue into the new year and I will release those dates later. Nearer the time I provide more details on the evenings themselves start times etc.