External Weekend Retreats

Meditation in the old chapel at Alton Abbey, Hampshire

Meditation in the old chapel at Alton Abbey, Hampshire


Weekend retreats are held at suitable rural locations, usually in autumn, spring and early summer.

New surroundings provide the element of a fresh start and an immediacy which is conducive to dropping habitual mind-sets.  They also provide space for larger groups of say, 20+ people.


For these you do need to have experience of our tradition and be comfortable with sitting still in meditation for 30min, around eight times a day.  We follow a schedule as a group.

There is also teaching and opportunities to ask questions in the group, or privately.

Bookings are taken approximately a month in advance.  We provide a guideline for level of donation as we hope to cover the expense of accommodation and meals.  However, no one with a tight budget is excluded.  See calendar for any upcoming external retreat.

Please contact the Priory with all enquiries.