Traditional Festivals and Ceremonies

We have inherited from the Soto Zen Tradition of Japan an exquisite and rich ceremonial form and liturgy, which the Order uses translated into English.  The Scriptures are sung in Gregorian Chant.

The ceremonies are themselves an expression of meditation in activity together. They speak to the heart and can bring forth gratitude and respect for all that is.  They are inspirational, lighten and support positive practice.

Once a month on a Sunday morning there may be a Festival Ceremony which celebrates an Ancestor/Teacher in the lineage, including Shakyamuni Buddha- the historical Buddha.  Or sometimes there is a Reading of The Precepts Ceremony.

Anyone, including family and friends, is welcome to join us.  Festivals begin around 10.45am and are followed by tea and refreshments.  The Prior gives a Dharma talk and invites a discussion with everyone.  We finish around 12.30pm.  Calendar.