Walking meditation at Brownshill monastery during our spring retreat. The walking is being led by Rev. Master Saido from Telford Buddhist Priory who we share the retreat with.






The retreat hut at the end of the Priory garden


The sitting Buddha under the apple tree surrounded by lavender








Rev. Gareth visiting one of our local schools to give assembly.







This is a photo taken on one of my regular walks. I try get some element of practice in the composition with regard to harmony and feel.







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Priory Closed

Apologies for the lack of information over the New Year. Just after Christmas I had to go and help deal with a family illness. Due to the train strikes I couldn’t get back until two days ago. I was planning to close for a personal retreat. I will now commence with this and re-open the priory on Tuesday the 24th January at 7.00am. I look forward to meeting up with you again in a short while.

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