We may or may not know what it is that brings us to Buddhism.  Beginning to practice requires a willingness to follow the instruction as best as we understand it, in order to try it for ourselves.  There is plenty of opportunity at the Priory to find out more and be helped and supported by the Prior and by the sangha members.

You may be a newcomer to Buddhism, Zen in particular, or this Order. If so, we advise that you first attend an introductory session (see below).

They generally run on the second Saturday in the month from 9.30 to 11.30am   

The session aims to give you a sense of the purpose of Zen practice and also introduces you to the Priory.  The focus is mainly on the form of meditation often referred to as “just sitting.” The Prior will also give a short talk on how to meditate in your daily activities. It is suggested you wear loose fitting clothing to try out some different sitting postures, using the Priory equipment.

A possible donation of £5.00 is suggested for an Introductory Morning

Please book your place by email or phone.

Once you have attended an introduction, you are welcome to join in any event at the Priory.  By this means, we gradually find our way into practice through experience and Buddhist teachings are explored along the way.