Weekend Priory Retreats

Once every two months or so, there is a residential weekend retreat at the Priory.  It is open to anyone who has attended an introductory session and can sit several periods of 30min. in a day.  The retreat starts with a light meal at 6.00pm Friday and finishes 12.30pm Sunday, with the option of a lunchtime snack.  Please book a week in advance by email or phone.

This is an ideal opportunity to turn within and retreat in the quiet of the Priory.  It is a great support to practise with others.  We follow a schedule (as a group) of meditative activity:  mostly sitting zazen; working meditation and ceremonial.  The weekend is generally silent.  Some time is set aside for personal reflection and rest.

We have beds, pillows, duvets, blankets.  If possible please bring your own bed linens.  Food is vegetarian.  Let the Prior know of any special dietary needs when you book in.